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About StoryPlace Studio

StoryPlace began out of a simple insight: Every person has stories to tell and every story has something to teach. Yet, so many stories go untold.

In the few months since StoryPlace Social was launched, we have realized just how true that is. All around the world, StoryTellers have blown us away with their vulnerability, empathy and their passion to tell stories the world needs to hear.

Now, with StoryPlace Studio, we want these stories to reach an even wider audience.

StoryPlace Studio is a space where StoryTellers can work with media Content Creators to get their stories told on screens of every size.

For StoryTellers

Who says you have to be a Screenwriter in order to get your story told? It’s all about having a good story and knowing how to tell it. No matter your background, experience or culture, we want to read your stories. Share your stories with industry professionals, partner with the right content creators, and give your stories the life they deserve. Create content with STORY BY you.

For Creators

How do you find the next best story? Content creators are on a constant search but are limited to screenwriters, pre-existing work or famous personalities. We are opening the doors to an untapped world of stories. These stories have the ability to reach a global audience that is hungrier than ever for fresh, authentic content. Explore the first database of story content specifically intended for content creation.